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Friday, April 15, 2011


Today is the last day I'm here.SK Batu Lanchang. I can feel the sadness inside my heart. Although my pupils sometime are very annoying and irritating but they also hold some good manner. That's why i love them very much! Our time is too little but the love always sparke all the time. I really hope my pupils can do the very well in their study and exam. These are some of my memoir at SKBL~

What make me so touching today is one of my pupils cry because he is sad i'm leaving. It is good that i can control my tears because once it falling, it hard to stop. but, inside my heart, i don't know how to say. it is really burden when it's time to say good bye. They even spend their pocket money to buy me a present. Truly from my heart, i don't want any payback. Its just enough if they can applicate the knowledge i teach them. Anyway, I really appreciate all kind of things they give me. I don't know if they skip their meal because of me.

This is the card they give me. From 4 Cemerlang. They are so sweet. Thanks very much my students. Thank you.


hafeez said...

x nak share hadiah ka???hehehehe

anis najwan nazri said...

hadiah untuk cekgu ja.nak hadiah sila apply jd cekgu ye..