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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Practicum Simptoms

Why is the time passed quickly? I just realizes that the way to be a teacher is coming near to me. no turning back anymore. This is the first week of my practicum. Because of I had to do my lesson plans and reflections and reports and teaching in english, so I will just use english until the end of my practicum.Fuhh~

It's out of the blue to think that practicum was so tied and stressed like this. I never teach students from modern city and now I know that feel. I didn't started my lesson yet my voice is running out already. But, I still need to pay my responsibility. Frankly speaking, that was soooo terrifying and that happened to kill my spirit. Ergh..."Teacher, I can't hear you...","Teacher, I don't understand..", "Teacher, he take my pencil","Teacher, he disturbing me","Teacher...","Teacher..."...oh, my students; so frightening me a lot! How I will manage for the next 3 weeks with my rocker's voice.

Students, I'm very-very sorry you couldn't hear my voice. That was the loudest I can do. My throat feel like in fire when I speak too loud. oh, my voice, please come back to me.I have responsibility to take care of. I have 60 hearts on my shoulder... oh, my~

"Ya Allah, please strength my iman to face all this tests with all of greatness". Amin.