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Monday, April 4, 2011


Teachers are flexible. Everywere they go and everytime they are there. My major is Math and my minor are PJK and English. But today I got to relief class for Tamil subject. I just can give a big smile.(^_____^). Although it just a relief class, but I cannot just stand in front of the students and say "Okay students, today your teacher mc. So you can do your work and don't disturbing me.Peace^^." Wohho, if you as a teacher want to say like that to your students, pleeeeeasssse change your ambitious. Okay,back to my story. I thought that I got relief for Bahasa Arab. Its gave me a sparkled of enjoyable because it's been age from the last day I used the Arabic. Well, the ustaz who teach them came and said "Eh, kamu kena relief untuk kelas Tamil la. Kat sebelah ni". Well, well, well, Tamil kelas kot. One hour tu... As I'm entering the class; "Vannakam!!....Eh, teacher, do you make a mistake? This is Tamil class." "Yes, I know. Ok, take out your book" "Are we learn a new word today teacher? Yeay!" I take their book to see if I can teach them something new. But, I just can see without understand its meaning. Ok, time to change plan. "Not at all. Today you will teach me how to comunicate in Tamil." All the students were silent. For a moment, the students make me felt peace. No noise just peace. Finally, I can learn something new in my life. The most important words for living.

~Pasikete'= lapar

~Sapede'= makan

~Nandhi=terima kasih

~Nanalaireke'=saya cantik..v^^)
Thanks for all students who had teach me this lesson today. And for my friend, Fatimah for helping.