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Sunday, May 6, 2012

DT is still on the line

Assalamualaikum to all~ hope you gauys have a great day and an awesome iman.^^

What I want to talk about is the duty of DT. What is DT?? Duit tambahan?sejenis game online?The House of The Dead(erk?). Ok, semua salah..haha

DT is standing for Dakwah n Tarbiyah. DT never has full stop nor a coma. Just like the heart  "berdegup-degap" all the time but if it stop for a while it mean a big danger. DT is like the heart, it just stop when there come the word DEAD.

Others might say that the one who should do the duty is ustaz ustazah..oh please...we are all Islam right? What islamic need do is the DT. Dakwah is spread the value of islam to all people that live around you and Tarbiyah is to built the inner peace within your soul. What I really know is the prayer n zikrullah are really the best medicines to cure your heart. it remove black stain that stuck to you whether you recognize or not. Prayer n Zikrullah are the best 'clorock' to the lagha2 things..^^

Although you will DT is heavy as the million tans of rocks but the truth is it's very light and smooth as silk and leather. For example: You listen to radio talk about Mus'ab Bin Umair. How he turn him self from the darkness to the lightness. This is tarbiyah.Then when you meet your friends especially lunch or dinner time, you can talk about what you heard. This is call dakwah. ok2, I know you muat be wondering how to start the dialogue. I'll the example of the conversation-"Hey, do you know about Mus'ab bin Umair? He is among the wealthy man with the very good looking man. Handsome, tough n wealthy-complete for prince charming. In his jahilyyah period, he likes to buy the expensive or we now call branded things. But, how islam has totally change Mus'ab to pious man. He gave all of his money for islam and he himself willingly to sit and sleep and eat together with low standard people.Without hesitation or apartheid discrimination. Can you imagine, the hot man like Mus'ab is the best mujahid among the best mujahids..he chose to sleep in dust rather than soft bed.really make a big different than us." See, very simple...

I've read a book The Secret (This book is the most expensive book i ever bought.but it's okay, because I use the voucher *.^ ) It say that our mind is like the magnet that attract the things you are thinking. If you think negatives so that, the magnet will attract the negatives things. If you are thinking positives then, all the positives things will attract to you. So, just think positive and be positive in all situation.Loves to be positive..ahaks^^.