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Monday, November 1, 2010

esok EXAM!!

dear myself,
esok sudah exam. paper Teknologi dalam Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran. Sangat stress membaca. Sangat stress bila selalu ngantuk. bertambah stress bila perut selalu lapar. I think I already transform to a zombie after I ate all my food stock!Great. That's mean I have to spend my money again to by a new stock.what a life..

dear myself,
you will have three paper in a row to cram of. very heavy subjects kot... CALCULUS! I'm dead. Nasib la. This is your choice. So, take it. There's no turning back for you now. Want to run away??? Face your DAD n MAMA first! woow..i rather sit for the exam. hope i can manage all this.

kenapa lambat sangat nak cuti neh...

Ya Allah, hamba memohon cukupkanlah masaku. Kuatkanlah ingatanku dan permudahkanlah bagiku. Amin.


hafeez said...

gud luck exam anis....hehehhehe...do ur best...aku baru lepas satu paper kelmarin n besok dua paper...usul fiqh 1 ngan ethics...huhuhuhu...x study lagi...hehehhehe