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Monday, July 13, 2009

I Will Die...

I always thinking how i will die.

old sickness, tragic accident, danger desease,or maybe from the food i take.

well, i don't know. it's out of my knowledge. but, there's promise me one thing-I WILL DIE ONEDAY. and that is the reality i should believe.

i'll live this beautiful world, my wonderful famiy, my caring friends and my lovely foods.

it must be very paintful to face death. Malaikat Izrail will come to do his job. and i can do nothing. just ALLAH there for me.

other than this world, there is another world that stay forever and eternel with no limit.

my amalan is the ticket to of my status there.

how my life after death?

happiness or deadness. i hope the first one.

but how???

i don't know whether my ibadah is accept or not. but i will never stop doing my ibadah because it give me a hope. a hope that my ibadah is acceptable.

i dont care the way i die, but the important is i want to die in iman. please my LORD. i don't want to die as your uninvited represent. i dont want to die at the time i'm doing the bad things.

but, the important thing, my LORD, please let me love You more than my love to Your creature.


please bless my family, my friends and me always. please let us live with Iman, die in Iman and step to your heaven in Iman.